Satalyst – MAPA 2016 Finalist

By Todd on 05 Jul 2016

Satalyst has been named a finalist in the 2016 MAPA Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Excellence in Cloud Platform

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“Fun with Azure” – special WPC episode

By Todd on 01 Jul 2016

In this special episode of Fun with Azure, we talk to Gary Duffield, Director of Strategic Alliances with DDLS, about the upcoming Microsoft World Partner Conference in Toronto. A WPC veteran, Gary shares tips and insights about getting the most out of the epic conference. We also chat about how Azure has been adopted in the learning services industry.

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SQL Server 2016 Launch

By Todd on 30 Jun 2016

The official Australian launch of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 took place in Sydney on 24 June and Satalyst was fortunate to be part of the "Data Driven" event. With the 2016 Olympics underpinning the data in sports theme for the launch event, Satalyst showcased two cycling related solutions both using SQL in Azure, IoT, and advanced data analytics.

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