Security: Identity is the new central defence and apex of control

By Rachel Coyne on 27 Apr 2021

Identity is the new security perimeter in the cloud and hybrid-cloud world. Using identity management tools such as multi-factor authentication, conditional access, and privileged identity management stops adversaries in their tracks. They are the most effective controls your organisation can implement to protect users, devices, apps, infrastructure, and data from cyber threats.

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A guide to Information Security Standards

By Andrew Reeves on 17 Jan 2020

The Information Security industry has created a confusing and large variety of Information Security Standards (Cyber Security Standards), frameworks and maturity models.
By the end of this blog you should understand what each of the major standards cover, how it came into existence and if it is relevant to your business.

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Satalyst’s Security Practice – Securing the Cloud

By Todd on 18 Dec 2019

Securing the cloud - Satalyst is excited to announce our new Security and Automation Practice. "Through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. 1 
"Whether you use Public, Private or a Hybrid cloud solution, any cloud offering is only as secure as how you have configured it. In nearly all cases, security breaches happen due to misconfiguration, inappropriate access controls or mismanagement by third party providers.

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